Wellness Policy

As a part of the Daniel Wertz School Wellness policy, restaurant food is prohibited during school hours.  If you plan to eat lunch with your child, please bring a lunch from home or plan to purchase a lunch from our cafeteria.  Also – we no longer will be celebrating student birthdays with food items.  We cannot send home any food related items, but “goodie bags” with non-food items are still welcome.  Please contact your child’s teacher for ideas on how you can make your child’s birthday at school a very special day.

Below is a list of approved, better choice food/beverage items: (single serve)
-Angel food cake – plain or topped   with fruit
-Animal crackers
-Applesauce cups
-Baked chips
-Cakes/Brownies (low fat)
-Chex mix/Goldfish snack mix
-Cheese cubes, string
-Fig Newtons
-Frozen juice bars/sherbet
-Fruit (fresh)
-Graham crackers
-Granola bars/Cereal bars (reduced   fat, low fat)
-Ham (lean), cheese (low fat), or   turkey sandwiches (with low fat condiments)
-Ice cream treats (low fat)
-Individual fruit cups packed in juice
-Juice boxes (100% juice with no added   sweeteners, 8 ounces)
-Milk (K – 8: low fat, 8 ounce, up to   140 calories)
-Mini bagels with low fat spreads
-Mini cereal boxes/bags
-Muffins (low fat)
-Nuts & Seeds
-Pizza – low fat toppings (veggie, lean ham, Canadian bacon)
-Pizza dippers (pizza toppings and bread on skewer with marinara dip)
-Popcorn (popped in trans-fat free oil)
-Pudding cups (low fat)
-Quesadillas with salsa
-Raisins/dried fruit
-Rice cakes
-String cheese/low fat cheese cubes
-Sunflower seeds
-Trail mix (nuts, dried fruit, cereal)
-Vegetables and dip (small)
-Water (flavored, calorie-free)
-Yogurt cups (low fat)Yogurt parfaits
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